Three colours worldview stories

  • story1: The Gruffalo ” power/ fear”.
  • explain: the mouse used the power of Gruffalo to scares the other animals snake, owl & fox by telling them that he will meet the Gruffalo for eating lunch. in order to fear them by describing   how the Gruffalo is look like and what is his favorite dish.
  • Belief: Rely strongly on verbal commitments to build relationships.

  • story2: Robot racers ” guilt/ innocence”.
  • explain: Tanktop and while he is focusing in his benefits  was cheating to win in the Botsville road race  by destroying the other robots at the night. while in the end he lose the race because of his attitude, he dose not follow the rules and squeaky win because of his honest.
  • Belief: Focus on what benefits are in it for them.

  • story3: Alvie eat Soup “shame/ Honour”.
  • explain: Alvie’s parents was feeling so  embarrassed and shame  from the grandmother, she is famous chef while his grandson is only like to eat the soup instead of  other delicious food that the grandmother prepared.
  • Belief: A position of power can be used to instill fear in people around them to ensure compliance and loyalty.

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